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Smart city. Smart rural. Smart everywhere.

We advance holistic utilization and availability of spatial information, for a better planned, built and managed society.

What we do
Consult & Plan
  • State-of-the-art spatial analytics
  • Smart cities, urban and rural development
  • Strategic asset & service planning
  • Land use planning & digitalization
  • Transport & traffic planning
  • Impact assessments
Care & Maintain
  • Process renewal and digitalization
  • Enterprise and reference architectures
  • Spatial data infrastructures
  • Data acquisition, management & processing
  • Knowledge management & business intelligence
  • Train & empower
Code & Design
  • Full-stack web development
  • Data & analytics API services
  • Geospatial solutions
  • Automated data harvesting
  • Tailor-made tools
  • Data visualization and information design

Meet some of our friends:
City of Tampere
City of Helsinki
Ministry of the Environment
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