Our mission is to build a spatial information society, bit by bit.
Modern technologies, digital transformation of processes and advanced analytics are our toolset.


Our buffet of analytics aims to serve you comprehensively. Based on our wide interest and experience basis we offer food for thoughts on a range of tastes.

  • Urban and regional development
  • Land use and environment
  • Business intelligence
  • Research cooperation
  • All things fun and useful


We combine a holistic understanding of phenomena with novel techniques. We prepare our analyses with fresh methods, not forgetting eye candy for dessert.

  • Visual data analytics
  • Automatized monitoring analyses
  • Real time analyses
  • Predictive analytics
  • Business and location intelligence


Our analytics kitchen uses mainly tools and ingredients based on open source technology, with which we tailor our solutions specifically to your needs.

  • Data harvesting and refining
  • Data storage solutions
  • API solutions for data transmission
  • Web processing services and analytics
  • Online map services and platforms

Along our journey we've filled our toolbox with skills for example in the following:

QGIS, GeoServer, PostgreSQL, PostGIS,, FME, ArcGIS (Desktop, Server, Online, Pro), R, Tableau, PowerBI, OpenLayers, Leaflet, JavaScript, Python, NodeJS, React, D3.js, Chart.js, Cesium, Mapbox, Carto, MapInfo, Oracle Spatial, OSM/OSRM, Nominatim

Our company

Ubigu Ltd started its journey into the surging waves of visual planning analytics and data infrastructures in 2016.
If you're caught in the eye of a storm of data, analytics and data infrastructures, don't worry – we'll be your beacon. We are currently operating dominantly in Northern Europe, but are not afraid to sail waters unfamiliar to us either.

Marko Kauppi

CTO | +358 40 551 0498

Marko is characteristically a constructor, who can't resist a look under the hood. After a dozen of years developing spatial data infrastructures, even the systems seem to know him by now.

Jouko Järnefelt

Senior analyst | +358 50 373 3638

Jouko is a passionate climber and orienteer. Whether he's facing a wall of granite, a misty mire, an abyss of analyses or a rocky road of business intelligence, Jouko always finds a way.

Ilpo Tammi

CEO | +358 50 434 7939

When Ilpo is not navigating the office around swells and shoals, he immerses himself in expeditions into data, analytics, visualizations and planning thematics with awarded devotion.

Ossi Tammi

Senior IT consultant | +358 50 436 8642

Ossi is a polyglot - talks fluently with machines regardless of the language.
A man passionate about chopping wood - he even knows how to (com)pile code into beautiful Full Stacks.



If you became irresistibly interested, do not hesitate to contact us.
We are happy to find the most suitable solutions and modes of cooperation for you.

Hämeenkatu 18 A 7

VAT number: 2762483-3